Computer Networking

Computer Networking is a certified CISCO NETWORKING ACADEMY.  The curriculum is designed to prepare students to take the CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE (CCNA) exam or further study.  The CCNA is a globally recognized certification and is a requirement for many entry-level positions in the high-demand
information technology field.

Computer Networking


Computer Networking

Introduction to Electronics

This course will provide students with the basic understanding of electricity fundamentals. The course will cover basic series and parallel DC resistive circuits. Students will learn how to use multi-meters to measure voltage, resistance and current, as well as the operation of switches and relay.

Computer Networking Systems I

(Taken concurrently with Computer Network Systems Lab 1)  Students will explore the fundamentals of computer networking including features of different Local Area Networks (LAN) technologies. They will learn the fundamentals of networking based on the OSI layered model. Subjects covered include the functions of different network devices, network addressing and installation of cabling and wiring closets. Routers and major networking devices will be extensively studied. A five router lab will be set up for hands-on experience in enabling traffic between different networks. Basic troubleshooting methods will be taught and applied on the router lab.

Computer Networking Systems II

(Taken concurrently with Computer Network Systems Lab 2) CNSII will take a more detailed look at Ethernet LANs and Switched Ethernet. Students will study the design of LANs and more advanced router configuration as well as several Wide Area Network technologies, which connect LANs. The IBM compatible PC will be examined. Using CompTIA’s A+ certification as a guide, students will explore hardware and operating systems, components of PC’s, system boards, memory concepts and disk drives.  Further study of troubleshooting and configuration of operating systems will be pursued in year two.

Instructor: Mr. Charles Stirling
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