Health Services Assistant I

Power Standards

I. All students will demonstrate and apply appropriate safety practices to include fire, disasters, and medical aseptic techniques.

II. All students will demonstrate skills necessary to find and earn employment (resumes, cover letters, interviews, etc.)

III. All students will consistently demonstrate professional soft skills necessary to keep employment (relations with others, work ethic, dependability, etc.)

IV. All students will demonstrate effective communications regarding medical records and charting with client, coworkers and the public using verbal/nonverbal communication, telephone techniques and body language.

V. All students will perform procedures common to multiple health care disciplines, recognizing normal values and measuring accurately temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation for adult, infant and child.

VI. All students will demonstrate providing personal care and comfort measures in response to the certified nurse assistant program.

VII. All students will modify client care based on an understanding of human life stages and basic human needs.